Beginnings and More...

Robert Wright of R & R Targets was the starting force for the Northwest Multigun Challenge back in 2007.  He just loved the 3 gun shooting sport. His local club (Albany Rifle and Pistol Club in Albany, OR.) was a great spot to hold one because they had hosted the USPSA Area 1 and other local 3 gun events.  After four fun and challenging years, he was burnt out and announced in late 2010 that he was not going to host another one.  That was when SGM (R) Scott Hawkins and Doug Hartley picked up the task and followed suit.  Both of their passions was not to let the match die…to many good memories and they knew there were more to follow.

The Albany Club was a great host but it was apparent that the match was getting too big. We needed a range that had more long distance shooting opportunities as well as allowing more variety in our stage designs. Parking limitations were another consideration. In 2013, the match moved to Bend, OR, hosted by COSSA (Central Oregon Shooting Sports Assn.) range about 20 miles east of town.  The COSSA range complex is massive compared to the Albany range and now we had so much more latitude to design and host more complex stages.

Some of our change to the original match was using all the extra space we had acquired.  We have some short fast to long range pistol targets (good defensive/offensive work), short to medium shotgun targets (from flying targets to slugs out to 100 yards) and our favorite…short to long range rifle targets on each and every stage.   We try to level the same number of targets for all three guns, we hate it when you go to a 3 gun event and the pistol has the largest target count.

We all strive for safety up front and foremost, but a very close second is all the fun and challenging stages for everyone.  The shooters have directed this match from day one.  Everyone’s input is considered and appreciated.  We strive to make the competitor happy, which we all know you can’t make everyone happy but we truly try our best. 

We have said it many times, if there is someone out there that would like to step-up and take over this match; please talk to us and arrangements will be made!

Thank you to the range staff for making all this happen, just like USPSA this is a volunteer sport and we need dedicated and fair range personnel to level the playing field.